Snowy road #Newfoundland #Winter (at Oxen Pond Road)

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Flipping out in the #Okavango #Delta, #Botswana. #Africa #travel @camclarke07

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Lots of support home in Marystown for @kaetkiss ! #sochi2014 #olympics

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A rare beautiful, winter evening on the BP highway heading home yesterday evening. Had to stop and capture it.

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Signal Hill, St. John’s. Photo taken above Fort Amherst on the Deadman’s Bay section of the east coast trail. (at Deadman’s Bay Path)

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Crazy hike today in the snow from Fort Amherst to Blackhead. Myself and @camclarke07 for one of the few moments we weren’t knee deep in snow.
(at Fort Amherst)

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St. John’s harbour on this fine Saturday morning (at Long’s Hill)

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The good looking side of winter.

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Good afternoon (at Long Pond)

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Post night shift hike #Newfoundland #snow

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